So what about us? 


Sparrow Travels was formed as travellers are getting more sophisticated, they want to have a say in their itineraries and accomplish more than just taking an ordinary holiday with a mass-packaged tour group. 


This new trend fits very well with our vision as working with each individual group to tailor their travel itinerary according to their travel interests and requirements, we seek to bring out the best of Vietnam to our travellers during their time here. Contrary to conventional thinking that customised travelling is costly, it is actually a very cost-effective and enjoyable way of travelling as you get the most out of the money - you learn more of the places you visit, manage your itinerary according to your travelling pace, choose where and what you like to eat. It is about empowering the traveller, without him having to go through the hassle of the nitty-gritty details in travel arrangements.


Our key values are integrity and trust, and we place a premium on being flexible and putting our travellers' interest first. We believe strongly in being a good corporate citizen in the areas that we visit. 


We are a bona fide company with the proper business registration papers as well as an international tour operator license (0400/2005 TCDL - LHQT) from Vietnam National Authority of Tourism. 


More importantly, since this is a webpage about us, we hope that you will not just know about us, but that you will actually get to know us!  We want very much to get to know you too, and many of our former travellers have now become our worldwide circle of international friends and advocates.  This gives us tremendous satisfaction in our work. Afterall, there aren't that many jobs that offer the opportunity to make friends all across the 6 continents of the world, are there? ;-)         


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Sparrow Travels

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