Ba Be Lakes


The beautiful Ba Be Lakes, the largest in North Vietnam, is located in the Ba Be National Park of Bac Kan province some 200 km north of Hanoi.  As the name suggests, Ba Be is made up of 3 breath-taking lakes joined together to form a huge body of water.  This popular national park boasts of waterfalls, rivers, valleys, lakes and caves set amidst towering presence of the surrounding mountain peaks.  It is also the natural habitat of many species of mammals and birds.   


You will find primarily the friendly Tay ethnic people in this area, and it is always an interesting experience to spend a night in their traditional house of stilts. 



Ba Be Lakes is a relatively untouched sanctuary where so far little has been affected by the trail of tourist activities.  Get in touch with nature without the interference of modern day interruptions such as the constant ringing of mobile phones.    


Cruise along the peaceful waters on a long boat, basking in the magnificent natural landscape around the lakes; visit Tay ethnic minority villages to understand their lifestyles and customs; explore Puong cave and Dau Dang waterfall… these leave an unforgettable impression on the visitor. 


On the 5th, 10th, 15th etc. of every lunar month, different ethnic minorities wearing their traditional dresses gather at the Ra market to trade their handicrafts and farm products.  If you happen to visit Ba Be lakes during these days, a trip to the Ra market is an eye-opener. 


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