Hoi An


Tucked away 30 km from the bustling city of Danang is the tranquil and lovely Hoi An town situated beside Thu Bon river.  This idyllic town was once a busy port in the 16th & 17th centuries frequented by traders from faraway places such as Japan, China, Portugal, Italy and France etc until the river silted up and it was almost impossible for big vessels to dock in Hoi An. 


Much of the architecture (communal houses, bridges, family chapels and community halls) in Hoi An have been preserved and kept intact in its original form, transforming the entire town into a living museum with a character of its own.  For these reasons and more, UNESCO has accorded this antique and artistic town a World Cultural Heritage Site on 4 Dec 1999.   Unlike the busy cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city where you are bombarded constantly with the sound of traffic and incessantly horning, many of the cobbled stone paved streets in Hoi An are off-limits to motor-cars and buses, and on certain days, only pedestrians and pedal bicyles are allowed to travel on these streets.  This makes for a very delightful experience touring and shopping in the culturally-rich old town.


You will feel completely relaxed and at ease within the atmosphere of Hoi An town whether it is sipping coffee along the banks of Thu Bon river, browsing leisurely in the various art and handicraft shops or enjoying a performance of traditional Vietnamese music.  Do not forget to visit the tailors as these master seamstresses can sew up anything from blouses and pants to cushion covers and waistpouches.  Enjoy having your feet sit neatly in handmade to fit shoes and sandals with your choice of colour and type of leather.


Beach lovers will be thrilled with the white sandy beaches, clear waters and gentle waves at the beautiful Cua Dai beach 4 km from Hoi An town.  This is a stretch of beach which connects with China Beach in Danang. 


The road journey from Hue into Hoi An will cross over Hai Van pass, a cliff extension of Truong Son mountain range into South China sea.  The picturesque view of the sea from the cliff is simply breath-taking and beyond description.  


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