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Thank you for visiting us. Typically, those who read this website are either planning a holiday to Vietnam, or looking for interesting facts & features of this lovely country. We hope that we would be able to help fulfill your quest. If you are coming to travel and explore this hidden charm, then let us bring you to discover Vietnam from the inside!   

Full of historical charm and lingering influences of colonial French days, Vietnam offers the other facet of destructive war and a people's determination to rebuild and progress during peace times. Its intriguing 54 people groups spread out across the country's high and low terrains add towards a rich cultural blend, not to mention the tempting culinary delights, a definite treat for everyone!

Our specialty is customised travel, though we also do package tours now and then. Customised travel is a very personal way of exploring the country, and it begins as we design your travel itinerary together with you. Yes, you get involved in your trip!  Whether it is a group of thirty people on an education trip, a bunch of old friends spending reunion together for a few days, a management training and retreat, or a private honeymoon for two, there is always that specially tailored itinerary for you.   

You ask "What places to visit? Where to stay over? How to move around?". At our website, we provide you with some useful information, and we are but just an e-mail or phone call away. Call us at +84 904 241 428 or write us at We will be very glad to assist you in whatever way we can. 

Thank you and we hope to see you in Vietnam (and for some of our previous travellers and friends, we should say in Vietnam again) someday! 

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