Mekong Delta


The Mekong River, which originates in the upper echelons of the Tibetan highlands, terminates its course at the southern part of Vietnam before pouring into the South China Sea.  As the river enters the delta plains from neighbouring Cambodia, it splits into smaller branches and tributaries criss-crossing over the different provinces of southern Vietnam.  Hence, the locals popularly refer to the fertile Mekong River Delta as the “Delta of Nine Dragons’ River”.


Besides offering a peak at the local lifestyle and house on stilts sitting above the rivers, rice paddy fields, orchards, coconut candy factories, and households making the traditional rice paper wrappers are some of the interesting places to visit when taking a boat trip along the many branches and tributaries in the Mekong delta.  It is a captivating as well as educational journey as you discover the importance of the mighty river in the livelihoods and culture of the local people.


The colourful and bustling Cai Rang and Cai Be floating markets, with the varied display of vegetables and fruits on row-boats lining alongside the river canals, beckons the inquisitive traveller with plentiful photo opportunities.

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