Sapa, a vibrant town nestled in the midst of the awesome northern mountain terrains, is truly a photographer’s delight. The picturesque scenery of the mountains, valleys, waterfalls  and rice terraces, as well as the many different ethnic minorities in their colourful traditional dresses, leaves lasting memories for every visitor.  


The cool weather, together with spectacular views of mountain peaks, makes this a perfect place to rest, relax and be in touch with nature… reasons why Sapa was chosen as a hill station during French colonial days.


The area is home to many ethnic minorities such as the Hmong, Dao, Thai, Tay and Giay. Visits can be made to their villages where you can gain first-hand insights and understanding into their lifestyles, cultures and customs. At Sapa market, ethnic minorities gather to sell their own unique handicrafts and embroidery, the ladies often sewing pieces of embroidery, nursing their young infants and bargaining with interested buyers all at the same time!            


A number of interesting local ethnic minority markets, each market opens only on a particular day of the week, can be found around Sapa. Of these, one of the biggest and most popular Bac Ha market meets on every Sunday. Many ethnic minorities such as the Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Tay, Phu La, Thai, Nung and Dao don their best dresses and congregate in the market to sell their handicrafts and embroidery or just to catch up on the latest news with one another. Another popular ethnic minority market meets on Saturdays in the Can Cau area. Like Bac Ha market, Can Cau market is another big gathering of different ethnic minority peoples meeting to catch up and trade. However, Can Cau is less visited by tourists and hence presents more of the “real” thing. 


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