Traditional villages around Hanoi 

Handicraft Villages

One of the best gifts for family and friends at home is the intricately designed and locally produced handicrafts in traditional villages around Hanoi.  Visiting the handicraft villages, some with craftsmanship passed down over the centuries from generation to generation, offers the opportunity to understand the traditional way of producing the handicrafts and see the craft master in action, as well as the chance to shop for delightful handicrafts at a bargain. 

Van Phuc silk village is an excellent place to see silk being produced from silk worms, processed and transferred to loom and thereafter dyed in a traditional way.  The taffeta silk, a very beautiful local silk produced in this village, is lightweight and reflects different colours when viewed from different angles. 

Dong Ho traditional paper village produces the unique handmade paper with traditional paintings printed on it using a collection of different printing blocks.  These traditional paper and paintings are very popular with the local people especially during Tet festival where the paintings are hung on the walls for prosperity. 

Bat Trang ceramics village, with a history of 500 years, transforms the unique porcelain clay found in the region into fine ceramic ware in the form of tea sets and vases all delicately handpainted with intricate designs.  In the olden days, products (bowls and plates) from Bat Trang village were used as tribute gifts to the rulers in China. 

Dong Ky woodwork village is famous for its delicately hand carved wooden furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl, whereas Duyen Thai lacquer village delivers exquisite lacquerware ranging from jewellery boxes to beautiful lacquer pictures.    

Ancient Village

One special village nearby Hanoi is the Duong Lam village.  Hometown to the famous Ngo Quyen who defeated the Chinese invasion in 10th century, Duong Lam village is unique for its many ancient houses dating back a few hundred years that still exist today.   

What is most peculiar is that the villagers use a special type of clay found under the ground in this region to make bricks for their houses.  The clay hardens upon coming into contact with the air when it is dug up from the ground, making it very sturdy material for building houses.  In addition to the pleasant discovery of these ancient houses, a visit to this village will reveal the day-to-day lifestyle of Vietnamese countryside. 

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